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Силвия Котева

My name is Silvia Milusheva, I have delt with the design and making of candles for fifteen years.  I learned the art of candle making by myself by reading and making tests. It took me about six months to making a big plain candle and then a few months more in developing the concept in shapes, colors and decorations.

I think that the details contribute to the special atmosphere in a particular place and my passion is to create handmade candles and decorations that bring uniqueness in a home, hotel, restaurant, spastudio, etc.

I make my candles and pictures with love inspired by nature, fashion and design – they are the product of creativity and my enthusiasm.

I lead workshops in candlemaking teaching students the various techniques invilved. This gives me great joy and I share with pleasure everything I know about candles. My students are people who love to do something with their hands, have imagination or just want to relax in a pleasant place, full of aromas and in a romantic atmosphere.

I make candles and pictures that are custom tailored to the specific intereior of a particular place so my creations made in a specific color, style, decoration, flavor and shape are unique. Some of them I make by ideas of the clients and very successful works are made.

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